Yoga & Naturopathy

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, derived from Yuj that means a beautiful union of universal and individual consciousness. Being a 10, 000 year old discipline, Yoga is profound science that focuses on unfolding the infinite potentials of body, mind, spirit and environment. Nowadays, yoga practice has been a part of daily routine for many individuals who believe in naturally balanced life and complete essence of exercising. With a resurgence in the last few decades, Yoga has been designed to suit various lifestyles and sociological needs.

The advantages of Yoga lay in mitigation and prevention of diseases, towards promoting the best of health in humans. With various asanas, Yoga is said to be a way of life variants gyan yoga, bhakti yoga and karma yoga. Yoga influences the human body using breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation. It makes the journey of life happier, fulfilled and calmer.