Siddha is one of the most ancient systems of medicine, with origins in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is part of the trio, along with Unani and Ayurveda. With principles that are similar to Ayurveda, Siddha functions in accordance to the elements that form a balanced human body. These elements include Earth (munn), water (neer), fire (thee), air (vayu) and space (akasam). The elements are believed to revolve around the three vedic doshas, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha – and the balance between them. According to Siddha medicine system, any disease can be cured by restoring the imbalance and disintegration between the doshas.

The herbal ingredients used by the Siddhars are classified into three groups, namely herbal products, inorganic substances and animal products. With a strong methodology that is used to decipher various human ailments, the Siddha sometimes has natural remedies that include more than 250 ingredients.