Indian High Commission, Canberra 

Consulate of General of India, Melbourne

Ministry of AYUSH, India

AYUSH is an abbreviation for Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy. It is a government body in India, with a primary purpose of research, development, and education in all the Indian traditional medicine systems, traditional Tibetan medicine, and many other indigenous healing systems. It was founded in March 1995 as Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy (ISM&H), later renamed in 2003 as ‘The Ministry of AYUSH’. It is operated under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The main focus of the
ministry is to,

  • Upgrade educational standards of AYUSH in the country
  • Implementation of quality control and Ayurvedic drug standardization
  • Aid in research and development
  • Generate awareness about the benefits of all the natural systems of healing
  • Strengthen existing research institutions
  • Ensure the time-bound research programme on indentured diseases
  • Draw up schemes to promote, cultivate and regenerate medicinal plants used
    in AYUSH practices
  • Evolve Pharmacopeial Standards


About AAA

  • The Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc. is a non-profit organization governed by its constitution.
  • The AAA was first registered in South Australia on 9th February 1988 under the Association Incorporation Act 1985.
  • In March 1994 the AAA was included in the Schedule 1 of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
  • In October 1997 the AAA was registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as a National Organisation.
  • In October 1999 the AAA was represented by Dr. Krishna Kumar as the President of the Association in the National Industry Reference Group (IRG) in matters of Ayurveda under the leadership of Mr. Leigh Blashki which led to the national uniform standard of education of complementary and alternative medicine resulting in the National Health Training Package HLT02 under the administration of the National Training Authority (ANTA) working with the Community Services & Health (CS&H).

About AAA- Organising Body

  • In July 2000 upon representation by the AAA to the Minister of Health and Ageing, the Hon. Dr. Michael Wooldridge, the AAA succeeded in getting Ayurvedic medicine recognized as a bona fide system of health care and received GST free status for services by the professionally qualified members of the Association.
  • In 2005 when the time came for the review of the National Health Training Package, the AAA collaborated with the Community Services and Health (CS&H) in matters of Ayurveda that resulted in the endorsement of the HLT07.
  • Since 1997, AAA has been an active member of the Federation of Natural and Traditional Therapists (FNTT).
  • Since July 2007, the AAA has participated in consultations/discussions at Consultation Forums for Private Health Insurance ; Proposal for Quality Assurance Requirements for Privately Insured Service As a result, since July 2009 accreditation rules have been introduced by the Commonwealth of Australia regarding new accreditation requirements for providers of health services covered by the private health insurers.
  • In April 2009 the AAA was audited by Benchmark Certification, Health Division Australia, on behalf of Medibank Private with a very pleasing result.
  • In 2013 International Ayurveda Symposium in Adelaide organized by AAA
  • In 2016 October,  Association was headed by Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav and the association team has been changed with New board member Dr. Satheesh Kumar, and new EC team Vice president as Dr. Vanita Sharma, treasurer Dr. Kusum Lata and Assistant Secretary Dr. Karuna Jaiswal  
  • In 2017 October 8th Pre-Ayush work-shop and Ayurveda Awareness week organized by AAA in RMIT University, the city with almost 6 local speakers and one international speaker. The conference is organized by Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav and other members of AAA Dr. Satheesh Kumar, Dr.Vanita Sharma, Dr. Kusum Lata, Dr.Yashaswini Bharadwaj and Dr. Manjot Garcha.
  • AAA team worked hard to put the proposal to Ministry of AYUSH in 2017 for the grant towards the AYUSH 2018 conference, the proposal is prepared by Dr. Satheesh Kumar and Dr. Manjot Garcha. Submitted by Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav to the Central Minister of AYUSH. The great achievement for AAA to the get the grant approval to AYUSH conference 2018 in Melbourne. 
  • Finally, the current team at AAA headed by Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav successfully organizing the AYUSH International Conference and exhibition 2018, Melbourne in the month of October 2018. The team includes Dr. Satheesh Kumar Board Member and Chief Co-Ordinator, Dr. Vanita Sharma Vice President and Chief Co-Ordinator, Dr. Kusum Lata, Treasurer and Chief Co-Ordinator, Dr. Karuna Jaiswal, Acting Secretary and Chief Co-ordinator and Dr. Gurnam Saini, Organising Secretary. 

Increasing Awareness of AYUSH in Australia With the main goal of achieving greater awareness within the general population of Australia, AAA is aiming to organize a conference of an International Level in Melbourne on 6th and 7th of October, 2018.

AAA has organized a similar conference on a smaller scale:

5th and 6th of October 2013 Number of attendees- 110
8th October 2017 Number of attendees- 250

These events have provided enough confidence for us to now emerge on the world stage and organize a conference at a much larger scale.

Increase in the number of students and practitioners of Ayurveda & yoga, There is a growing need for such a conference on Ayurveda as more and more Australians are becoming aware of the Indian System of Medicine.

There has been a surge in the number of:

  • The number of BAMS practitioners: 198
  • Advance Diploma in Ayurveda Practitioners: 50
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultants are also progressively growing all over Australia: 20

A conference of this level will be of great interest and benefit to the Growing Natural Health Community in Australia.

As the only association with qualified Ayurvedic professionals as members, we feel it is our duty to work towards organizing an event of this scale.

This will not only benefit the current students and practitioners but will also inspire, and inform anyone who is unaware of this system of medicine or has been interested but not informed of the options for studies in Australia.

Six institutes are already offering an advance diploma in Ayurveda and Yoga.

Role of Ministry of AYUSH and scope of AYUSH systems of Medicines:

This objective is aligned with the vision of the Indian Government to bring awareness about Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy promote it in all aspects such as

  • A system of medicine by establishing clinics
  • Education through university collaborations
  • Research in the field of Ayurveda and other systems of medicine
  • The export of herbs of Ayurvedic and natural health supplements

Involvement of AAA

For the purpose of this conference, a dedicated team has been formed that will look into the following arrangements

  • Governance
  • Management
  • Operational
  • Funding
  • Venue

A team of members will be created which will work together for the success of the conference under the guidance and supervision of organizing secretary from AAA.

For the Board of advisers and steering committee, we are expecting, Ministry of AYUSH, Minister, Secretary, Joint Secretary, eminent scientists in Ayurveda, Pharmacies and Educational Institutions from India and Australia.

Speakers and Modalities

  • International Speakers
  • National speakers
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Yoga
  • Integrative Medicine.

Promotion proposal for this conference

  • A website committed to the conference will be created.
  • Social media will be actively engaged in including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Other tasks like flyers, banners and other promotional materials will also be taken care of.

The venue for this conference

We are expecting around 350–500 attendees including the audience, delegates, general practitioners, partners, practitioners of complementary modalities and our members.

The venue is still to be decided as we are looking for collaboration with esteemed universities in Melbourne with a central location and adequate parking space.

The following points are being considered

  • Two halls for simultaneous presentations
  • The main hall to accommodate 300-500 delegates
  • Second Hall to accommodate 100 delegates
  • In the vicinity of budget accommodation for speakers and other attendees
  • Proximity to public transport and car parking
  • Transportation available from the nearest airport
  • Accommodate stall holders, 20
  • Registration desks 2

Gift bags for conference attendees will be provided by the organizers. It will contain a program schedule, brochures of sponsors, a writing pad and pen and any other promotional material by the sponsors will be included.