Call For Papers

AYUSH International Conference and Exhibition 2018, Melbourne

Paper Submission Guidelines

Criteria for article / paper / abstract/ poster submission to AYUSH 2018 Conference:

    1. Article should be your piece of your own work, should not be copied or replicated from any other material or online source. If copied need an appropriate reference.
    2. Please make sure, when replicating kindly paraphrase it and accurately reference in where necessary – It will be illegal to copy and replicate without paraphrasing or referencing the original source of information.
    3. Image should be legal or free images – for any legal issues the author will be responsible, so kindly make sure you provide the genuine information to AYUSH 2018 conference team.
    4. The International AYUSH conference and Exhibition invite paper presentations from the best AYUSH speakers across the world covering the theme – “Pain and Lifestyle Diseases – Prevention & Management through AYUSH”.
    5. Kindly condense the ideas of your presentation in to shortest possible and make in easily presentable and understandable way to the audience.
    6. Most of the audience can be both public and medical professionals, kindly avoid the excess jargon. Try to keep the content more focused to the topic.

Please sign the declaration,

I agree that, the content supplied is original piece of my work, not replicated or copied, I have referenced accurately where necessary. I will accept the complete responsibility of the discrepancies due to the content provided. Please copy the above information on the front page of your abstract. 

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