AAA Ayurveda

Bridging the gaps in healthcare through the natural systems of healing, the origins of AAA date back to 1979. The initiation of the Ayurveda in Australia began through the 1st International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine (ICTAM). This conference was organised by Professor A. L. Basham – a renowned Indologist, Head of the Department of Asian Studies at Australian National University in Canberra, and the author of A Wonder That Was India. The breakthrough Congress was attended by Dr. Krishna Kumar, Prof. Acharya Manfred Junius, scholars, practitioners, physicians and many others. The Congress was attended by record-breaking 40 delegates and led by Vaidya Shiva Sharma – renowned writer, scholar and physician from Mumbai.

The Congress was subjected to an international level in the field of AYUSH, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Tibetan medicine, traditional Korean medicine, and traditional Japanese medicine.

The success of the Congress lead to the establishment of International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine (IASTAM).

Prof. Acharya Manfred Junius
Together with Dr. Krishna Kumar and his family, he migrated from Italy to South Australia. The migration was encouraged and assisted by South Australian Government, leading to an establishment of a herbal industry, Australerba Herbal Products and Spagyric Laboratories in South Australia.

Dr. Krishna Kumar
Along with Prof. Acharya Junius, and Mrs Athena Yiossis introduced Ayurveda in Adelaide for the first time. This was a breakthrough as Ayurvedic system was an unknown terminology for many.

Vaidya Bhagwan Dash
Being a renowned Ayurvedic scholar, practitioner and author of many books on Ayurveda, he was approached to come for the Ayurveda lecture/seminar in Adelaide. He was the first choice for the purpose after several considerations and consultations in 1981. He was sponsored by Spagyric Laboratories and Australerba Herbal Products for the Theon Ayurveda in March 1982 for a duration of two weeks.

Mrs. Athena Yiossis
While attending a Transcendental Meditation conference in Delhi, India, she was the primary link in contacting Vaidya Bhagwan Dash for the Adelaide lecture/seminar on Ayurveda.

CPA Graduation Ceremony of 1988 Pune, India
After an enthusiastic response to the pioneer seminar, the Australian School of Ayurveda (ASA) was registered as an academic institution on 30th March,1982. It was led by Prof. Acharya Manfred Junius.

Vedic Homa Ceremony, 1982
A fire ceremony was performed before initiating the important event in the history of Ayurveda in Australia. The Vedic Homa was conducted for prosperity and to mark the auspicious beginnings. 23 students enrolled for the first batch, with Mrs. Athena Yiossis providing the lectures in the meditation hall as support to the cause.

1st Batch of Ayurvedic Students 1986 in Welland, Adelaide
Due to increasing commitments with WHO, Vaidya Bhagwan Dash experienced difficulties to visit Australia regularly to teach Ayurveda to the students. Following this, Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni (Dean of Ayurvedic Medicine at University of Poona and Director of the Institute of Indian Medicine, Poona) was contacted to start a structured course in Ayurveda for the students.

Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni

Under the correspondence of Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni , the ASA developed courses in Certificate in Proficiency In Ayurveda and Diploma of Ayurveda. The first batch of the Certificate course started in March 1986 under the direct care of Prof. P.H. Kulkarni.

Prof. Parchure presented CPA Graduation Certificate, 1988 Pune, India
After the successful completion of the course at Australian School of Ayurveda with training from Prof. Vijay Doiphode, Prof. Arun Shitre, Prof. Suhas Parchure, Prof. Jayant Barde, Prof. Kinjawadekar, Prof. Sadanand Sardeshmukh, and Dr. V.V. Bhagwat.

Prof. Dr. Sadanand Sardeshmukh at CPA Graduation Ceremony in 1988 Pune, India
The first batch consisting of 12 graduates in Ayurveda were sent to Poona for official graduation ceremony and placement.

2nd Batch of 1988 Ayurvedic Students to 1990 Poona, India
The AAA was registered under the Association Incorporation Act 1985 in South Australia on 9th February, 1988. Dr Krishna Kumar was appointed as first President and Treasurer; Acharya Junius appointed as Vice-President; Mrs. Athena Yiossis as Secretary; Dr. K. H. Poehlmann as a Committee Member and Prof. Dr. P H Kulkarni as Advisor.